1932 Foundation of a joiner’s workshop by Josef Falkenhahn
1977 Taking over of the joiner’s workshop by Edmund Falkenhahn, son of the founder
1991 Moving into the present company premises [in the outskirt of the locality]
06/1992 Commencement of the production of euro-pallets
Change of name to E. & A. Falkenhahn OHG
1992 to 2000 constant extension & increase of the production capacities
11/2000 Foundation of the present day Falkenhahn AG
01/2001 takeover of the entire business activity by Falkenhahn AG
2001 to 2008 progressive development of the position as a powerful pallet manufacturer in the market
01/2008 ISO-certification
03/2008 Change-over of the production from EPAL pallets to WORLD pallets
08/2008 Expansion of the drying plants
09/2008 Prototype testing by the TÜV Rheinland Group (a German Technical Control group)
2008 till present Extension of the market position under the pallet trade mark WORLD
07/2010 final approval of the WORLD Pallet in accordance with the judgment of the Higher Regional Court Jena
10/2010 Nomination of the logistics concept „resale instead of exchange“ as an innovative logistics solution
by the BME (Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics)
09/2012 Introduction of the first RFID pallet
09/2013 attendance at the German Packaging Award 2013 "first exchange wooden euro with RFID"
02/2015 rollout of the first euro pallet which is able to log the temperature
03/2016 Market launch of the first Euro pallet which is able to log the shock
03/2017 Market launch the first Euro pallet which is able to log the Schock and Temperature together
2017 25 years of the Euro pallet production
09/2017 The Falkenhahn AG becomes GS1 Germany Solution Partner
03/2018 10 years of production and sales the Europallets under the Trademark "WORLD“
10/2018 independent quality control and audit of the WORLD Europallet by “TÜV Thüringen”
02/2019 WORLD RFID pallets with wireless RFID technology