WORLD ShockLog pallets
For the impact-monitored quality logistics for electronic equipment, artwork, pharmaceutical products and foodstuff

Tamper-proof data loggers document acceleration forces,
impacts, tilting and inclination angles. The loggers are
integrated into identifiable WORLD RFID pallets.

  • For goods that are sensitive against
    mechanical stress during transportation
  • No effort for installing and returning a
    logger included in the package
  • Data control / reading via RFID with unlimited
    operating time
  • Timestamp when thresholds are exceeded
Saving additional data
about impacts for a
period of two to three
Technology of the RFID shock event logger
  • Communication in accordance with ISO 18000-6c / EPC Global G2
  • Unique ID programmable
  • X/Y/Z axes and limits programmable (range of 2g, 4g, 8g)
  • Sampling rate 12.5 ... 400 Hz
  • Inclination 0 ... 30°, resolution 0.5°
  • Memory size: max. 32 sequences
  • Operating modes: Event, Stop full
  • Extensive analysis software