WORLD CombiLog Pallets
The RFID-Europallets, Temperature and Shocks are monitored

The combinations monitoring with the Identification functions for the Quality Logistics of the
Food products, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Artistries. The tamper-proof data logger fixes the
Temperature trend like Acceleration forces and Inclination. According to RFID Pallets are
automatically Identified, Monitoring Data can be read.

  • Without efforts in the installation and return of
    attached loggers
  • Protected sensors are close to the load
  • Remote control and readout via RFID
  • Several pallet stacks simultaneously
    readable and programmable
Technical Characteristics of the RFID-CombiLoggers
Temperature range
from -35°C till +85°C
  • Measuring intervals: 1 min to 24 hrs
  • Exceedance of limit values can be quickly detected
  • Axes X/Y/Z, Limits till 2g, 4g or 8g
Sampling rate 12,5 ... 400 Hz
  • Inclination 0 ... 30 degrees, resolution 0.5 degrees
Memory size for 2,000 records / 32 courses
  • Data storage from 2 to 3 years
  • Comprehensive evaluation software
with WORLD RFID-Europallets

  • Automatic positioning
  • Automatic tracking
  • Automatic inventory management
  • Clear identification