Pallet calculator

If, as a manufacturing industry or forwarding agent, you have been implementing the system of exchange of pallets, you now have the possibility to determine your individual savings possibilities of your enterprise with the help of the new pallet calculator by changing over to resale model.

All the company specific data can be set in here, for instance purchase price of the pallet, required volume per year and intended resale prices. With the help of a comparison between exchange and resale the calculator shall automatically calculate the savings.

The basis for this calculation are the results of the Fraunhofer studies of June 2009, whereby the costs fort he exchange of pallets was made public as well as our clients’ data in the case of the pallet resale system. A comparison of these figures from the practice enables a realistic determination of your savings potential.

In the table below, you will find an exemplary cost illustration for the consignor (during the implementation of 500.000 pallet movements per year – this corresponds to a full loads of 60 trucks per day.

Determine the potential savings for your company:

Exemplary cost calculation

Beispielhafte Kostenberechnung zur Einsparung im Palettenhandling durch Weiterverkauf statt Tausch