The WORLD pallet in the euro pallet format

The WORLD pallet is a euro-pallet [reusable – exchangeable pallet in the euro pallet format 800 x 1.200], that is marketed under his own brand name. It solely differs from the conventional euro-pallet with the EPAL-/EUR identification marking through its branding – the WORLD stamp. Apart from that it is identical in construction and identical to the EPAL pallet and it is used for all applications and operational purposes in commerce and industry worldwide.

The WORLD pallet is manufactured in ultra-modern plants and under stringent quality control regulations in accordance with the standardized DIN standards for reusable pallets [DIN EN 13698-1]. Timber from the local forest that are stringently controlled in accordance with the quality control specifications with reference to quality and exact dimensional accuracy are mostly used for the production of the pallets. Exclusively naturally finished and chemically untreated wood is used in this process. This always guarantees a high and constant quality of the pallets.

  • Returnable / reusable pallet / exchange pallet

    identical in construction with EPAL / EUR Pallets

  • In the future also accepted worldwide

    by production in all continents

  • 100 % quality warranty for High rack-stackable

  • Worldwide application and exchangeable*

  • 6.000 kg lower load range

    with full-sureface stracking

*in accordance with the IPPC / ISPM15 Standard

IPPC-Standard, ISPM15 – treatment, export pallet

WORLD pallet can also be offered as an export pallet in accordance with the IPPC-Standard, ISPM15 on demand. In this process all the parasites and insects found in the wood especially the sirex flies shall be eliminated. Falkenhahn AG is authorized by the Thuringia Regional Office for Agriculture under registration number DE-TH1-490409 for the treatment of the pallets.

Phytosanitary regulations for the international trade with packaging materials made out of solid wood was enacted within the framework

of IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention), a sub-organization of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN). Heat treatment at a core temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes belongs to this specification. The wooden package must be labeled on two opposite sides with a recognized identification symbol that contains a defined and protected logo from the FAO (see logo of the pallet).

Further information on ISPM15 can be found on the website of the Julius Kühn - Institute