The first wooden pool pallet with RFID Technology!

  • Error-free identification without sight

    of pallets and goods

  • Automatic inventory and warehouse management

    = faster inventory

  • Reliable positioning

    = location of pallets and goods

  • on time recording

    of goods movement (Tracking)

  • safe / proof monitoring system

    of all logistic activities

  • Improvement in efficiency

    = cost savings

Falkenhahn AG integrates since 2012 an RFID transponder invisible in europallets. Their use allows the automated identification of the Pallets - without vidual contact between the pallets and the reader. Thus Falkenhahn AG is the first manufacturer to standard europallets can be equipped with RFID technology.

Second-generation RFID pallets (since mid-2013)

New is no the diagonal arrangement of two RFID transponders in the corner blocks, according to GS1 RTI Guideline. The result is a 100% detection even at greater distances.

WORLD-RFID europallets

comply with DIN EN 13698-1. The pallet with RFID transponders includes an exchange in the europallet pool. Field tests confirm the robustness of range and transponder: Even high loads due to cold, moisture and vibrations do not affect the communication between the pallet and readers. Thus WORLD RFID pallets are suitable for all industries that use pallet logistics.