The Advantages of the RFID-pallet

as opposed to optical identification (BAR Code, 2D-Code)

  • No abrasive wear / Damage resistant
  • Defilement or dirt resistant
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Plagiarization protection due to costumer-specific data
  • More pallet stack simultaneously readable & programmable
  • Independent from a free line-of-sight
  • Legibility during transportation on forklift trucks
  • Large storage capacity in a small area
  • Extremely high carrying capacity of the RFID-pallet or of the transponder

the WORLD-RFID europallet

... according to DIN EN 13698-1. The pallet with RFID transponders / equipment does not exclude out of the exchange euro pallet pool.

Technical data of the transponder

  • Two transponders installed invisibly in the corner blocks (NEW since 2013)
  • Frequency range UHF
  • Free programmable / writable transponder
  • Transponder can be read up to 5m (depending on the read device / antenna)
  • modern writing - / read device (Individually adaptable to costumer requirements)