Resale with added value

During the process of „resale with added value“ the sender transmits part of his savings that he has obtained in the course of this changing over process to the consignee / beneficiary, for example by additionally subventioning the pallets, thus creating a financial incentive. Hence the resale process will also be attractive to the consignee/receiver.

Falkenhahn AG has practically tested this new logistics concept with several customers. And with success: An establishment and evaluation of customer’s data has proven that resale is significantly more economical and it turns out to be profitable for the consignor in 90% of the cases. Savings of up to 1.20 Euro per pallet is hereby possible.

Consignees can also cut down costs when the consignor provides a financial incentive for them. And the forwarding agents, who up to present date have been bearing the greatest expenditure block, 65% of the total cost, are hereby left out, because they hereby merely play the role of the transporter.

Whence the resale is more attractive to all the participants at above all it presents a more economical alternative to the exchange of pallets.